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Thailand Mango

Thailand Mango

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  • 10 PCS Private High-end Handmade Press On Nails
  • With Nail Pre-kits: two pieces of jelly glue, one cuticle pusher and one nail file
  • Designed by our professional manicurists
  • Up to 5 hours of meticulous work
  • PRODUCTIVE TIME -  5-7 business days ( weekends not included), depending on order volume
  • PRODUCTIVE PROCESS – Filing, buffing, cleaning, UV gel, lamping, decorating, sealing etc.……

Get a taste of tropical paradise with our Thailand Mango press on nails! Inspired by the lively flavors of green mango salad and mango sticky rice, these nails are both refreshing and energizing. Perfect for bringing a touch of summer to your everyday look. Say goodbye to boring nails and hello to a taste of Thailand!

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